Look, if you’re here, on this post right now – it’s for one reason.

You’re wondering if you should join Empower Network.

Maybe you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, in the background, waiting – and maybe, just maybe you just ran into us right now.

Let me be honest, and up front, because the truth is, Empower Network is not for everyone. If you’re reading this, it might not be right for you.

Here’s who Empower is NOT for:

1. People who want a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme. Although I definitely believe that by applying certain skill sets, you can ‘get rich quicker’ than inferior ways of making money, the truth is – you’ve got to work your ass off, even with a great system, great tools, great products, and a great company. You might fall on your face, fail for a while, struggle a bit, and experience pain – and if you quit without applying what you learn, you might not make any money at all.

The Fact? You WILL experience struggle if you want to make money on the internet.

It may not be immediately – maybe you’ll get in, and make $10,000 your first month. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a struggle of learning new skills, facing a little rejection, or going through a ‘rough patch‘ – Empower is NOT for you if you’re not willing to face some pain in your life, and overcome it.

2. People who want everything to be perfect before they start. I have a core philosophy, and that is to break things, and innovate. The fact is, if we’re perfect – we can’t grow. The beauty in life happens in the pain of change, and Empower Network is a grass roots movement. Part of being ‘grass roots’ is getting aches and pains, and growing stronger through the fire. Real entrepreneurs understand that the greatest opportunity lies in the wake of innovation.

3. Wussies. Empower Network has a strict ‘no wussies allowed’ policy. What exactly is a wussy? It’s someone that blames the world for the problems that they create in life, and doesn’t preserver through challenge. No whining, no complaining, if you want to be here. We are here to Empower your vision, not to do it for you. If you take personal responsibility for your own results – you’ll LOVE the culture at Empower Network. If you love to blame others, we’ll probably make you mad when we call you a ‘wussy’.

If you want to succeed – work hard, and take responsibility, dangit!

Ok, that’s who Empower Network is not for. Here’s who it is for:

1. Real Entrepreneurs. People who want to innovate, and be on the front lines of growth in the marketing world are automatically attracted to the culture we have in Empower. We have a ‘No B.S.’ attitude, that has carried us through two MASSIVE hurdles and helped us do more than $4.2 million in sales in our first 140 days, and triumph through the struggle.

Who is a real entrepreneur? Someone who is ready to tackle a challenge, someone who wants to grow, and learn WHILE doing. We need to get rid of this ‘get perfect before we try’ attitude, and ATTACK our problems head on, with the ferocity of a wild Lion. Like Bruce Lee, we like to ‘Attack the Attack’.

2. People who like RESULTS based marketing education. At Empower Network, we only teach what we do ourselves. All the way from the founders, with Dave Sharpe and I, to the field leaders – we teach NOTHING that isn’t proven to create results. Even if you don’t want to make money selling our training products, you won’t find better education anywhere – either offline or online – there is a reason for this, and it has to do with the third type of person.

3. People who want to make REAL MONEY when they sell stuff, and are sick of the crap. The reason why our marketing education is so cutting edge is because our affiliate compensation model is attracting the best direct response marketers in the world. Why? Because they make more money selling our stuff, than anything they’ve ever sold before.

* Key: You still have to do the work, to generate traffic and create sales. We’ll help you. We’ll give you tools – however, your results are YOUR personal responsibility.

We get real marketers, getting results NOW to do all of our trainings at Empower, so you always have real, up to date, live strategies that work RIGHT NOW in the marketing world, rather than being trapped in the never ending cycle of product launches. If you buy our stuff – you don’t need ANYTHING else. Period.

We have the numbers to back that up. If you’re a leader in Empower Network – feel free to share your own results below. * See income disclaimer – we publish average earnings statistics based on actual payouts and commissions, updated daily. We are not afraid of what our people are earning, and some make no money at all.

If you fall into this ‘elite’ group, and you want to get results online, you may have one of the common objections to joining that I’m going to list below. I’m not going to answer everything, just the major ones – I can attack smaller issues in a future post.

Objection #1:

Empower Network is just another ‘Attraction Marketing System’ – I tried that! Or, I’m already in a system!

The Facts: Empower is not a competition, or even in the same niche as ‘Attraction Marketing’. We are related to the niche, but not in it. What do I mean? These kinds of companies provide systems and tools (good ones) to teach you how to create a totally branded funnel online – with your own videos, own face, own copywriting, and complete branded skill set.

We are not an ‘attraction marketing’ company – we are a direct response and personal development company. Attraction Marketing teaches personal branding and personality marketing as the core of the message – and we teach conversions, response, direct marketing, and profit margins. Although we teach the concepts that will allow you to do this when the time is right – we believe that it is not the right thing for brand new marketers to be running around creating custom built sales processes.

Why? They usually suck at it for about 2 years before they get any results. We teach people how to get results now by driving targeted traffic to a high converting, extremely profitable offer, and then using relationship marketing to create up sells and team sales and growth.

So, instead, we operate our business around sales funnels built by people who know how to sell stuff – and teach everyone how to operate within a system around that process.

Think of it this way – if Tony Robbins came to you and said: ”Here’s the deal – I’ll do the selling, make the funnels, do the up sells, close your customers, and build the process – and YOU can keep 100% of the commissions from product sales…”

Would you rather do the selling yourself? Exactly. He can do it better – so can we, and we have proof.

It works better for new people. However, some people still want to create their own funnels, and they are free to do that. I encourage new people not to, though, when they’re new. Usually, they get significantly worse conversions than our sales funnels – that are built by people who know how to sell stuff. Later, when you’re making money, learning these things can be useful if you want to create your own company – but for the first year, or two, they will stop you dead in your tracks if you focus on it.

We’re targeting a wider audience – in the ‘Make Money’ niche, ‘Affiliate Marketing’ and generic ‘Work from Home’ and attract audiences from all of it. My goal in forming this company was to create something that attracted and compelled the masses, not something that stayed in the Network Marketing niche – it’s one of the core reasons we’ve grown so fast. People who don’t even like MLM are attracted to the simplicity and speed of growth of the Empower Network model.

Attraction marketing companies are extremely valuable too, they just fall within a different market. We’re not even making a remote attempt to compete with them, we’re going after a different, bigger group – we’ve got a vision to put 250,000 customers in Empower Network in the next 12 months, something that is not possible in such a narrow, focused niche.

Objection #2:

Internet marketing doesn’t duplicate! Do home meetings, dangit!!!!

The reason why people think this, isn’t because it’s true – it has to do with another objection that people usually have, and it is an objection created by ‘Attraction Marketing.’ The objection is valid if you’re a traditional network marketer, but it doesn’t apply to Empower Network.

Why? Because Empower Network doesn’t teach attraction marketing, we’re a direct response company, that handles front and back end sales conversions – and teaches people how to narrow their focus down to one skill: Getting Traffic.

The fact? Getting Traffic is easy to teach if you take out the technical and management complications that drive the rest of the marketing niche.

Empower Network DOES duplicate, and we can prove it. Look at the numbers – we’ve now existed for 140 days, and have more than 20,109 customers who have bought our blogging system. Does your offline team duplicate that fast? Probably not.

The fact is – it might – but saying that Internet Marketing can’t duplicate just isn’t true, when you look at the numbers. The reason why internet marketing doesn’t duplicate, is because most people are trying to teach everyone to be gurus, not focus on basics that everyone can do.

We’ve solved that issue, and are growing faster than most actual, grass roots belly to belly network marketing companies. Again – is this true normally? Sure.

It actually makes a lot of sense why most belly to belly network marketing leaders keep their teams off of the internet – it’s a total disaster to duplication and growth, because it’s so damned complicated.

Here though, it doesn’t apply.

I’m actually going to speak at an event with Eric Worre who runs Network Marketing PRO, because Empower is the only system that has started online, that actually does duplicate the way that direct sales companies are supposed to.

I actually only know of one team, ever that has put in 20,109 active customers in 140 days in a traditional network marketing company. I know there are probably more, but it doesn’t happen very often. (keep in mind, that was through MASSIVE adversity – and we still did it). Empower grows fast because it is simple, appealing, and the math works.

This is just the start.

Objection #3:

I already have a business! I’m so in love with my soap, it’s unreal!!!

This is the fun part. We don’t care. Sell whatever you want here. Obviously, don’t be a moron, and spam your links in the comments – not only does it not work, but it makes you look dumb, too. As long as it’s honest and legal – you’re free to sell it here. Go for it.

That’s the beauty – we don’t care what you sell. We’ll help you learn to sell more of it.

I was on the phone with a VP of banking the other week – he said “Dave, this marketing can help ANYONE – I’m going to join this and recommend it to my clients as a way to enhance their marketing presence…”

There’s no better education in online marketing, period. If you love your soap, vitamins, coins, or top tier deal – cool. Let’s help you learn to sell more of it, and in the process, help you create a ‘front end’ funnel that actually pulls in enough conversions and sales to pay for your whole marketing process.

Obviously, we have rules – respect them – but wherever you are, let’s take your success, and stretch it to a whole new level.

Objection #4:

Is this a pyramid scheme?

Lol. This one’s pretty rare, but still pops up from time to time.

There’s a core, simple differentiation between pyramid schemes and legitimate direct sales marketing companies – and that is:

1) Are commissions being paid for recruiting affiliates? Of course, the answer is no. People in Empower Network only earn commissions when they sell a product to someone using it. There is no ‘front loading‘ of any kind, and no required purchases.

(Of course – call me biased – I think you should just buy everything)

The difference with our affiliate model and others in the market place is that we payout 100% of the revenue from product sales in our commission structure. (minus of course, normal processing fees – which vary depending on whether we are processing transactions and paying you, or you are using your own merchant account).

That means on a $500 sale, after the fees from a normal merchant account, all of it is paid to someone in the compensation model. Make a $500 sale – say your processing is 6% – that means you would keep $470. Lol. You don’t even have to develop the product, or manage it.

That’s pretty sick.

The best part? Every customer you bring in is coded to you for all future product sales in that compensation structure. So if they keep buying stuff – you keep getting the commissions from future things they buy, see the ‘Getting Money’ tab for more info on how our affiliate compensation model works. It really is badass.

Why? Because I built this company to pay you the way I’ve always wanted to be paid as a lowly affiliate, in the trenches – and the best part? We’re marketing, and making sales with you, so if we tell you something is working – we know it is, because we’re doing it, too.

Sometimes, because we talk about money a lot, people don’t get how valuable our products are. That’s ok, because they’re always blown away once they buy, and login to the actual training. See the comments in this post, and if you’re in Empower, tell us your thoughts on the products.

Objection #5:

That ‘getting everyone merchant accounts’ thing didn’t work! You’re right, it didn’t. Part of being an entrepreneur, is trying things that other people think are risky and on the edge, and experimenting a little to fine tune your results.

I thought that getting tens of thousands of affiliates merchant accounts was a great idea – they could process their own transactions, and have people pay them for their sales.

The problem with the model is, it made banks a bit nervous – and rightly so – we brought in too many people too fast, and were a bit overwhelming. As the owners of Empower Network, it’s better if we take on the risk management of our own business, and that way – we can focus on YOU.

It was a great theory that failed. I can admit that. Luckily, we now have a payment system in place where we will process transactions, and handle customer payments and affiliate payouts for you. You and your people don’t have to handle any customer information or transactions, so you can focus on making sales and driving traffic to our high converting offers.

The best part? It’s actually cheaper. Most merchant accounts range from $30-$50 a month, plus per transaction fees. You can use our wallet system for $19.95 per month, we’ll handle the customer information and keep the data safe, keep the customers happy, and then just pass our transaction fees on that we get, to you.

If you have a merchant account of your own, you can still use it for your own customer sales, you just don’t have to in order to work with us. Personally – I like that, and our affiliates do, as well. It’s stable, scalable, and allows us to personally work directly with our processor to make sure that our whole model is compliant and that we can be around for a long, long time. It frees us to focus on our products, make them better, and create a better company infrastructure. You’ll love it.

Objection #6:

Once you buy an Empower Network product – they’re always talking about buying more stuff!!! Lol. Of course – like any great business, we want you to buy stuff that will benefit your business.

We built our sales model around a simple up sell process that I designed with David Sharpe based on the last 3 years of successful marketing. You have to think about this from two perspectives:

1. As a customer – would you rather that we were honest, and sold you everything that you needed to be successful in your business? Or would you rather that we were weak, and only sold you cheap, ineffective crap? I’ll take quality over quantity every day of the week. At Empower Network, I believe that if you buy all of our marketing products, you literally don’t need any other information to succeed online. Period. I’m not afraid to tell you to buy stuff, right now that is going to benefit you in your business.

2. As an affiliate – would you rather that we helped you earn 100% commissions on only one product? Or did a GREAT job at selling your customers lots of products, that you also get all the commissions on?

Personally, I would love it if I sent a customer somewhere, they kept buying stuff – and I kept getting commissions. Our sales model has the highest up sell conversions that I’ve ever seen on the internet. Our sales leadership says the same thing.

If you’ve made money from Dave Sharpe and I selling, and up-selling for you – tell us about it in the comments. In most affiliate companies – if you send them a customer, you might get the first commission. After that, though – it’s fair game. Anyone can steal the affiliate tracking on future upsells.

YOU gave them the customer! At Empower Network, we value your business. See our compensation model (of course) to see the structure of the 100% payout on core product sales, and you’ll realize that there is LIFETIME value in sending us customers – and we have better sales conversions than anyone in the niche.

If you know how to drive traffic – we’re the best place in the world to send it, in my opinion. Why do I say that? Because I’ve never made as much money sending traffic anywhere as our affiliates make sending traffic here – and I’m a danged super affiliate with a monster sized list. It really is just… gangster

Would you rather send a customer to someone who will make you send that person back to get another commission? Or have life time customer value?

You’ll REALLY value our up sell process if you refer a lot of business our way. Try it – send us 1,000 customers, and see how we do in helping you teach, train, coach, mentor, and help your people succeed in their business.

Objection #7: I don’t want to do it! That’s not an objection, it’s a preference. You’re welcome not to. Some people want wussy, teenie weenie little 20 and 30% commissions, and like staying stuck in business and life. Other people just want to work a job, and have one person at the head of their company boss them around, control their future, and control how much money they do, or don’t make.

Other people want to hassle with blog setup, technical infrastructure, making and creating sales funnels, and doing it all themselves. Others care about branding more than sales conversions, commission payouts, and the bottom line.

Other people just want a normal life – and think we’re a bit weird. They want to sit in a cubicle, get fat, and eat potato chips.

That’s fine – you’re welcome to do whatever you want in life, and I congratulate you for being honest. However, if you’re ready to take massive action, learn REAL marketing skills, get real results, and decide to change your life…

…welcome to the Empower Network.

(Just get in, already)

We’re here to EMPOWER your success – and I’ll be damned if I don’t die trying to help make you into a better, richer, fuller human being – that reaches your unlimited, beautiful potential.

To YOUR Success,
Michael Warner
Empower Network CEO


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Social Marketing


How far provides the human race eliminated to understand the common phenomenon regarding improvement as well as well being for starters and all. There are growing inputs within the hypotheses and methods that were profitable. Interpersonal advertising is but one tactic meant for personal as well as open public satisfaction. Why don’t we see the in-depth concept of interpersonal advertising and marketing as a concept.

What exactly is Social Marketing?

Within simple words, cultural advertising and marketing can be a tactic or perhaps technique or perhaps strategy for marketing and advertising, meant entirely for the development of people along with culture. The idea jobs enhancement inside physical, interpersonal along with inexpensive skills of the environment. It aspires with regard to getting consciousness, changing the particular behavioral structure, life-style, social atmosphere for good and more. Social advertising covers various facets of survival, basic safety, stability, setting and also awareness. Its aim is always to effect the audience forever beliefs along with tasks. The techniques found in cultural advertising are usually motivated through commercial or even profitable advertising. Unlike industrial marketing and advertising techniques which might be designed to draw huge profits simply for the particular professional or perhaps manufacturer, social marketing and advertising aims to present profit on the viewers, as people in addition to being community totally.

Interpersonal Advertising Record

Interpersonal advertising and marketing was introduced being a willpower within the Seventies. Marketing gurus Philip Kotler as well as Gerald Zaltman, presented the thought of implementing business marketing and advertising rules for use to influence you can get excellent mindset along with actions. They believed that the main curiosity need to target being aware the target audience desires. These people described sociable marketing while ‘consumer centric’, the location where the profit producer will be the buyer herself. This tactic had been later on broadly launched pertaining to social awareness inside health insurance and comparable places. Over the last 10 years, it is largely grown in the adult and also successful method.

Pillars involving Cultural Marketing and advertising

Any time arranging social marketing and advertising, the main objective is actually around the target audience and not the merchandise. This mixture of business advertising and marketing concepts are widely-used to apply the buyer targeted targets and also revenue. The actual cultural advertising idea requires a combination of lasting development views using existing advertising strategies. You’ll find four key concepts or even ideas of commercial marketing and advertising that help throughout surrounding cultural advertising objectives. We are able to talk about these people since the four P . s .. Your social advertising and marketing mix brings more principles to boost implementation.

The term ‘product’ doesn’t need the literal physical which means throughout social advertising. It might not necessarily mean an actual (perceptible) product or service as with any selected ‘thing’. There are assortment product range that are presented. Conduct modifications and also techniques, like pushing a healthy behavior, life saving or perhaps do it yourself increasing attitudes, etc. Fundamentally, these are the methods that help inside sociable advancement. Instances of products are: after a proper diet, encouraging the usage of contraceptives, keeping drinking water, and so on. The best way to get the most beneficial goods will be study. Analysis not only really helps to handle involve your hour, and also can be useful for learning the issues with the buyer, so as to expose the product or service that’s sought after.

Price tag
Inside interpersonal advertising and marketing, cost doesn’t imply cost as with fiscal terms. It indicates it associated with efforts, occasion, the power to take care of shame along with sense of guilt, the reduced feeling of denial involving enjoyable issues, and also alterations to adapt to the item or to carry out the product in their And her life. The idea refers to more mental and cultural costs a consumer needs to pay. The purchase price should not rule the outcome in the item And great things about the merchandise. The objective is usually to keep your price tag on the least expensive as possible can be expected customers find the item. When the tactic convey from the benefits staying of fine price for that cost / purchase, the goal of interpersonal advertising becomes easier to achieve.

The place the following explains the best way or method to communicate the item, or perhaps help it become obtainable for the market in the most effective, as well as the very least hassled method. In the case of evasive goods like consciousness as well as enhancements, and many others., there is a more substantial opportunity since various stations can be chosen to provide these products to the consumer, similar to home manifestations, stores, public venues, offices, as well as other press options. In case of tangible (certain) goods, position can easily reference the process associated with submitting as well as the host to distribution with the item. Buyers will not likely look for the emails or perhaps merchandise. One has uncover methods to supply the possiblity to the buyer, making the idea reachable easily.

Any merchandise is reliant majorly in it’s promotions on product sales as well as visibility. Special offers the following signifies the spot or perhaps course of marketing or becoming obvious to the buyer. It means to generate requirement for the product or service and also sustain which need also. It’s a put together effort associated with advertising and marketing, pr, individual marketing along with encouragement with the media. Techniques similar to promoting, media situations along with packages, coupon codes, and so on., bring successful special offers. You should locate imaginative approaches to construct rankings from the product or service.

Further Concepts regarding Social Marketing

There aren’t many other pursuits that are incorporated within just interpersonal advertising and marketing like:
Open public: Your participation of the interior public, such as the supporters, the folks to blame for all the acceptance as well as execution in the advertising as well as activities.
Partnership: Working in teams and also organizations benefits throughout efficient social advertising regarding masking larger people. Businesses that show desire for campaigning the merchandise, those having a excellent and other alike buyer base, can increase the value of the product plus rationalize good collaboration.
Plan: Thus giving the platform involving standards that should be adopted, without being obstinate. Adding policy can be a sober approach to desire rendering from the difference in actions and adapting to the product or service.
Resources: They may be essential as to be able to successfully organize promotions and manage the merchandise and also plans. Company companies, gov departments, donations, and many others., will help saving a number of funds for your advertising routines.
Social advertising proves to be an efficient evaluate to tackle goal concerns inside target audience over a large-scale. A number of the sociable advertising cases are protecting the planet, launching plans to help the actual defenses in youngsters, selling the usage of rubbers, campaigns regarding well being recognition, and also h2o preservation. Particular person and also cultural advancement varieties a better interpersonal environment. However, achievement isn’t certain in every interpersonal marketing campaign. In the event of malfunction involving perceiving positive aspects as well as transforming behaviour attitudes, no edition with the modifications with the huge consumer bottom, creating a sociable marketing strategy or perhaps marketing campaign, is probably not really worth. Consequently, study along with correct preparing of this form of marketing is important.

There’s a lot that needs to be transformed on this interpersonal globe, so we all may consent that ‘change is good’. Specially when it’s designed to get the best from you… every one of the efforts are worth it!

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